May Business of the Month - Crossfit Marion
CrossFit Marion is new to the community.  It is the only CrossFit
facility in the Marion area. Owners and trainers include Jeff Hickam, Ryan  Baker and Nathan Simpkins.  CrossFit offers more than just your average
gym can. CrossFit offers a personal trainer every day, every workout, period.
You don’t pay extra for that. New workouts are programmed for you daily. The
results obtained by a steady regime of CrossFit cannot be matched thanks to
these points along with the positive group cohesion atmosphere. CrossFit is a
strength and conditioning system built on constantly varied, functional
movements executed at high intensity. If you want to be fit, you need to try
CrossFit Marion. Free intro classes are Tuesdays and Thursday nights at 7pm and
Saturday at 10am. We are located ¾ mile south behind Ike Honda. We are right
next to the tracks, look for the sign. Check us out on our website, facebook,
or stop by anytime!
May Member of the Month - Rikki Rogers
13Pro would like to mention Rikki Rogers as our Member of the
Month for June! Congratulations Rikki!
Here's a little more about Rikki:
"I recently relocated to Southern Illinois with my husband
Brad in 2008 after we both graduated from the University of Idaho. Although I
loved English and writing, I knew that I didn't want to pursue a career as a
teacher or a writer so I went back to school for my real passion: graphic
design. I was spending all my free time on Photoshop and Illustrator anyway so
why not make a career out of it? I graduated in 2011 with my degree in graphic
design and have been freelancing as Rikki Rogers Graphic Design ( since 2010.
Nothing makes me happier than creating logos and print design that my clients
love that is not outrageously priced - and small businesses are a LOT of fun to
work with, too! When I'm not designing, I practice close-up wildlife
photography and upcycling/crafting with pallets and corks which I sell out of
my small shop on Etsy ("
Why Rikki joined 13Pro:
"13Pro does a few different things for me. First,
freelancing can be a rather lonely occupation and I live out in the country.
The events and the opportunity to socialize with like-minded young
professionals is a welcome break from an often solitary work week. Second, I've
found that many of the young professionals in 13Pro are in need of graphic
design work, so it has been a great way to connect with them and help to make
their design projects a reality. Networking is a huge part of my membership,
too, as the many members are connected to businesses outside of 13Pro that can
also benefit from my services. Overall, it has been a great business and
personal connection for me."
About Rikki Rogers Graphic Design:
"I didn't intend to start a business - my freelancing
became that out of necessity! Being in love with graphic design means that I
was excited about every design opportunity that came my way. While I job
searched for a graphic design position, requests and projects just kept pouring
in. Eventually, I found the hours in my day filled up with design projects and
thought, "I could do this full time!" Thus, Rikki Rogers Graphic
Design was born. I work with professional grade software, education, and a love
of design which helps me to create beautiful, smart design for my clients with
a very low overhead. The vast majority of my clients are small business owners and
web developers needing design work. It's extremely satisfying to do what I love
every single day and help small business owners and friends create the logos,
print projects, and identity that their businesses deserve."
November Member of the Month Heather Chambers

Heather Chambers13Pro would like to honor Heather Chambers as the November member of the month. We'd like to thank her for supporting 13Pro.

About Heather

I graduated from SIU-C with a degree in Rehabilitation Services. I formerly worked in various roles with people who have developmental disabilities. Currently, I work for Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH).

Why She Joined 13Pro

I joined 13 Pro soon after I moved back to the Southern Illinois area.  I had moved to Tennessee for approximately seven years and hoped this group would be an effective way for me to network and meet new people. 13 Pro has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people in the area that I might not otherwise have ever known.  Some of these people have even become friends that I do things with outside of 13 Pro.  I also enjoy the various community outings the organization offers to its members, whether a social outing or a community outreach event.  I am also active with Crossfit and particularly enjoyed when 13 Pro members joined Crossfit Simple for a workout and a game of dodge ball.

Congrats to Heather!


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